FalconBlue has incredible organic skills and expertise. Additionally, we have a strong team of strategic resource partners.
When employed, FalconBlue identifies the right mix of resources to create a winning solution to meet your specific requirements.

  1. With your e-mail or phone call, we start with up a simple, but in-depth phone or web meeting to understand your goals and requirements for your brand. This meeting allows us to get to know you, your vision, your company, your customers and your existing execution plan. With your input, we identify areas where FalconBlue’s experience and services might fit to expand or improve your efforts.

  2. Following this meeting, we provide you with a fully detailed, professional proposal of logical services to meet your requirements. Whether it is Strategic Planning, Intellectual Property Management or Graphic Design, we will outline our recommendations and cost structure for each.

  3. With your review, we will contract for distinct activities – some may be project based, some may be ongoing and periodic. Together we will create a timeline to move all activities at a pace that is both achievable, as well as fitting for the brand and company goals.

We want to hear from you and learn about your passion:




Brand Development
  • Brand Vision and Strategy
  • Brand Execution Plan and Timeline
  • Brand Management
  • Brand Training
  • Intellectual Property Development
    • Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Dress
  • Intellectual Property Management
  • Brand Attributes, Brand Story and Style Guide Development
  • Graphic Art and Visual Identity
  • Licensing and Co-Branding Strategy and Plan
  • Licensing and Co-Branding Contracts
  • Licensing Management & Brand Synchronization


General Business Planning, Strategy and Execution
  • Business Plans
  • Business Structure
  • Early Stage Planning and Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Business Presentations – for all purposes
  • General Operations
  • Strategic and Operational Planning
  • Project Management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Board of Advisors/Directors

Leadership and Management

  • Team Building
  • Senior Leadership Coaching and Guidance
  • Executive Coaching
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly Business Routines and Expectations
  • Meeting Facilitation

Exit Planning and Services

  • Exit Objectives and Timeline
  • Business Document Review
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Wealth preservation, tax and estate planning
  • Exit Valuation and Maximizing Strategies
Business Systems and Operations
  • Financial Systems/Accounting Set-up and Guidance
  • Book Keeping and Tax Preparation Services
  • Accounts Payables/Receivables
  • Order Entry
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Bank Statement Reconciliation
  • Quarterly and Sales Tax Document Preparation
  • Payroll and/or Commissions
  • Management and Processing
  • Human Resources Set-up and Guidance


  • Sales Strategy/Sales Plan
  • Sales Forecasting (Pro-forma Sales Forecasts)
  • Identify/Hire US Sales Individuals or Agencies
  • Identify/Contract International Distributors
  • Sales Training
  • Sales Management
  • Sales Meeting Facilitation
  • Sales Communication
  • Sales Tools Development (Catalog, Forms, Programs, etc)

Product Services
  • Product Direction, Innovation and Development
  • Product Sourcing
  • General Operations
  • Warehousing/Shipping/Receiving
  • Market Research
  • Industry Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Customer Research
  • Marketing/Communication Strategy and Plan
  • Web site strategy and development
  • E-Marketing Tools
  • Social Media
  • Advertising
  • Public Relations Brand Visual, Graphical Design and Web Development
  • Brand Visual Identity
  • Brand Visual Communication
  • Web Design
  • Web Architecture
  • Web Production and Execution



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