Our team is personable, dedicated and focused. We work with select clients of all sizes. Our approach is both professional and innovative – all results driven. Together we have more than 50 years of proven “Brand Development” success. We offer the consultative expertise and experience to grow your brand through professional strategy, management, intellectual property, marketing, communication, licensing, and distribution – all fitting your company’s requirements.

We are entrepreneurial, passionate and energetic. Andy is expert in strategy and planning, a leader in an entrepreneurial industry. Julie founded and nurtured her brand to international recognition, negotiated licensing relationships, managed intellectual property rights, reaching millions of consumers worldwide. Tom has significant sales and marketing experience having helped many companies achieve national and international brand recognition. Jen is a process and systems expert for small and start-up companies.

At FalconBlue we believe a strong brand comes from proper planning and deliberate execution. We take a holistic approach to Brand Development, recognizing a properly developed plan will determine the how the brand’s foundation is laid, how the brand is executed, how the brand is communicated and how the brand is leveraged. We are ‘Brand Architects and General Contractors.’ At FalconBlue we are experts in Brand Development. FalconBlue Brand Development includes:


Brand Architecture – The Brand Strategy, The Plan, and The Timeline for Execution.
Builders have proven over time that a well-crafted architectural plan results in a better building. Similarly, using a brand strategy as your blueprint results in a better brand. Entrepreneurs or business owners should have a brand strategy and brand plan to sequence and scale their brand construction and execution, much as a builder uses a blueprint.

Brand Foundations – Intellectual Property, Brand Attributes, The Brand Story and Business Structure.
These items create the foundation for the brand. They flow from the vision, the designs, and the creativity of the original concept. Identifying , crafting and recording these in the early stages of brand development gives solid footings for the brand to grow and execute.

Brand Execution – Product Design, Product Sourcing, Marketing, Sales, and Distribution.
Brands grow from strong foundations. Brand execution must be coordinated across all activities, much as a general contractor guides and synchronizes the construction process of a building.

Brand Communication – Logo, Graphic Design, Web Design, and Public Relations.
Communicating the brand to the trade and to the consumer also flows from the brand’s foundation. Powerful brands have one synchronized message; rifled and focused.
Brand Leveraging – Co-Branding, Licensing and Exit Planning.
Once your brand is defined and established, it can be shared, licensed or sold. The mechanics and methods to leverage your brand, making it very profitable, widely distributed, or a house-hold name all depend on the right strategy
Brand Partners - Professional Outsourcing.
Being the owner or general contractor for your brand does not mean you have to do everything on your own. Trusted partners with specialized skills and key trade expertise can help build and execute your brand to its fullest potential, speeding up the time to market and adding value to the brand.



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